Im so happy

My Boy Keith and his friend J

Keith is the one in the Black vest


Numbers 31:1- To Me this meant

I should not be like Moses that questioned God. I should not question God on anything he tells me to do i should just do it because the Lord will bless me later in life.
I Should not be afraid of what is going to happen because If God is telling me to do it he is telling me to do it for a reason.


This Chapter to me meant that I should follow the Lord just like Balaam did. He got up early and saddled his donkey and followed what the Lord told him to do so I can relate this to my life by knowing that I should be like Balaam Following God and not myself.

 that the Lord is my shepherd I shall not ask him to do things because he will do it in his timing. The Lord created me to be in the world he created. When I accept to be a Christian the Lord will restore my soul and cleanse me from all unrighteousness. Also when I come to the Lord I will fear no evil. Last I will live of righteousness with the Lord.



 I should Praise the Lord weather good or bad. To me this was saying for the unsaved people we need to accept Christ while we can before it’s too late. Because if we do not accept Christ before its two late we will go to the lake of fire and will not go with God to heaven. So the Lord gives us opportunities to except it but it is up to me if I want to accept it or decline the invitation…………………….